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We are back! Unfortunately, cowards and paedophile protectors took our previous website down to protect the criminals that are operating in our judicial offices. Judge Simon Oliver attempted to silence all of the victims by falsifying court orders and court documents as well as bullying and harassing web hosters. It has not worked and we are now back. Louisa Lloyd-Jones from the Government Legal Department and Ben Silverstone from Matrix chambers have been lying and forging documents to take down websites that correctly reports the truth. This form of bullying and harassment might work with web hosters but it will not work with us. We will take our site (and public comments which speaks the truth) and take it to a country with even greater privacy protection. The correct procedure is when thousands of allegations have been made of misconduct against judge Simon Oliver, that Simon Oliver is suspended from duties, then all of his judgements are revisited. Statements should also be taken from litigants addressing concerns and in return Mr Oliver is prosecuted by the Ministry of Justice, the Government Legal Department and the Crown Prosecution Service. However, the reverse seems to be what the Ministry of Justice are doing here and that is to protect the bigger fish. It will not work. We are here for you the public and we will fight for you until the end. In the meantime, please feel free to comment on our new site and distribute it throughout your social media channels.

Welcome to this site which is part of Operation ‘X’. If you have reached here, it must be because a Judge or a lawyer has been up to no good. Well, look no further because we are here to help. Operation ‘X’ is here to help the public against bribery and corruption in the British Judicial system. This site represents the truth against publicly funded criminals and exposes the criminals that operate in our judicial offices.

His Honour Judge Simon Oliver works at the Upper Tribunal in London, Isleworth Crown Court and the family court in Reading and Slough County Courts.

This website deals with HHJ Simon Oliver asking for, accepting and taking bribes to pervert the course of justice. He is racist, extremely corrupt, perverts the course of justice and commits perjury in return for illegal and criminal bribes in the UK court system.

A judge for sale: These are pictures of His Honour Judge Simon Oliver. He is the one who takes bribes using the term ‘gift’. He is the criminal in the court system and eyewitness testimony exists to confirm this and the substantial amounts of comments on this site confirms it further.
The proud Berkshire Freemason in all his glory: Judge Simon Oliver in his Freemasonry attire glorifying his association with the cult organisation. This is an association he is not supposed to have. His association with the Berkshire Freemasons has clear ramifications on his decision making skills which is evident from this website and other media postings about him online.

On June 24th, 2014, our team were sat in the Upper Tribunal located in the Breams Buildings in London for a case involving an unrepresented member of the public against a government department called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The DBS has functions to bar people from working with children and vulnerable adults. 

At the oral hearing which lasted 4 days, HHJ Simon Oliver asked for a ‘gift’ from the parties concerned. The DBS gave him a gift in the form of a box which was wrapped up in a Sainsbury’s Carrier bag. Since then, HHJ Simon Oliver made a mockery out of the court system and the judgement he gave.




The ‘Gift’ System


This is what took place throughout the 4 day hearing.

Incident in question

On day 1 of the oral hearing:

  • Within 5-10 minutes of the oral hearing initiating, HHJ Simon Oliver puts his hand over the microphone and says ‘Do you have anything for me?’. His head was down at this moment and we believe he was talking to the other side but no one specifically. The DBS barrister ‘BJ’ from Blackstone chambers in London, also putting his hand over the microphone (Only after HHJ Simon Oliver directed he do so with hand gestures) says ‘My client has a gift for you from The Trust’ (from The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust CEO Robert Bell and the Director of HR Carol Johnson). Kevin Brooks from the Treasury Solicitors (TSOL), now called the Government legal department, approaches the judicial bench with a box (the size of a book) in an orange Sainsbury’s carrier bag. HHJ Simon Oliver immediately puts his other hand up whilst his initial hand was still on the microphone and stops Kevin Brooks in his tracks. HHJ Simon Oliver directs his right hand to his left to which Kevin Brooks puts his head down and follows to the end of the judicial bench. Mr Brooks tucks the box in neatly under or behind the bench or a table at the end of the bench away from sight although we could still see a piece of the carrier bag appearing from the area it was placed in. At this moment, a gasp appears in the courtroom about the incident and apparently the way Mr Brooks approached the judicial bench. Michael Flynn (Norwich magistrates court judge), a specialist panel member whom also had his hand on his microphone during this period continued writing something whilst he clearly noticed the event. Janice Funnell (child psychologist from Merton council), another specialist member laughed at the incident. Simon Oliver had an embarrassed smirk on his face as in ‘Have i been caught?’. After this, BJ and HHJ Simon Oliver took their hands off the microphone. We are not sure if Michael Flynn or Janice Funnell had their hands on the microphone at this time as we were not observing them or their hands at this time.
  • The first day of the hearing was not bad. The judiciary seemed straight forward and impartial. Michael Flynn began doing some minor hand gestures towards the end of the day which we did not consider a major problem at the time. He did the hand gestures around 4-5 times (in guise that’s he’s not interested).
  • An adjournment took place around lunchtime at HHJ Simon Oliver’s request. At this time, the DBS barrister BJ asked the appellant that they can leave the courtroom and have a break and to come back in 15 minutes. During this break, the DBS senior management and officials were sat in the back of the courtroom started preparing boxes quickly. Whilst the appellant was outside the courtroom, the DBS senior management (at the request of the DBS CEO Adele Downey), placed a box under the judicial bench. It is unknown what contained in the box but it is very highly likely that it was money in the form of a bribe. When the entire courtroom came back, the DBS senior management and BJ directed to HHJ Simon Oliver that there was ‘something’ under the table for him. HHJ Simon Oliver nodded in acceptance but did not approach the area of the judicial bench where the DBS senior management were pointing towards. 
  • Towards the end of the hearing on the first day when the judiciary were retiring, HHJ Simon Oliver, Janice Funnell and Michael Flynn stood up to leave and were partly gone through the back door. Janice Funnell was the first one to leave through the back door and HHJ Simon Oliver was partly through the back door and Michael Flynn was in the process of going through the back door. That is when Kevin Brooks of the TSOL and unknown members in the back of the court room uttered some words (unknown to what it was) and pointed out to the box under the judicial bench/table. To this, HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Oh yeah’ and directed Michael Flynn pick up the box as Michael Flynn was the last one to leave through the back door. Michael Flynn picked both boxes casually and put it with the rest of the items in his hand and left through the back door. At this incident, there was a gasp in the back of the courtroom in shock. HHJ Simon Oliver in the meantime had a grin on his face pretending he didn’t know what he was doing. We are unsure if it was the same boxes that were placed in the morning and the early afternoon as it was picked up quite quickly and Michael Flynns back was also turned towards us during this time. If we remember correctly, it was exactly the same boxes as the boxes that were placed there previously did not appear to be there any longer. Michael Flynn placed one box under his left arm and another box in his left hand with a folder and notepad and quietly left through the back door.

On day 2 of the oral hearing:

  • On the second day of the hearing, substantial number of hand gestures started off by HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn. Michael Flynn was more proficient in the hand gestures and he also made facial expressions and gasping noises throughout the day. HHJ Simon Oliver just did hand gestures.
  • The box in the carrier bag was no longer visible from where we were sitting and we believe the box was removed the day earlier was the same box that was no longer there. The second box, we could not see at all.
  • By the end of the morning before lunch, we noticed Michael Flynn give an excess of 30 hand gestures in the form of a wave insinuating he is not interested in the appellants case and the defences. HHJ Simon Oliver did minor hand gestures, probably around 5-10 during this same period.
  • A witness called JR was being cross examined. During the cross examination, Michael Flynn puts his hand over the microphone and asked the appellant to change the question nearly 5-10 times. HHJ Simon Oliver agreed to this. Michael Flynn also continued his hand gestures to another 40-50 in the afternoon. HHJ Simon Oliver also did the same at around 20 times.
  • Michael Flynn started doing facial expressions by moving his head away in a gesture that he is not interested or he is not listening. This happened nearly 30-40 times in the afternoon alone.
  • Michael Flynn started questioning JR about the job but that is as far as his specialist knowledge went. He was actually learning from the witnesses rather than agreeing or disagreeing with the specialist element. Michael Flynn also put his hand up during the appellants cross examination of JR stating he wants to listen to JR and not the appellant. Simon Oliver did the same in addition to Michael Flynn.
  • During the afternoon hearing. Michael Flynn threw his pen on the judicial bench several times, around 10 times in a gesture that he’s fed up of listening to the appellant speak. A racist comment was made at this time that ‘Your the type of person who should just be working at a petrol station’. This was by Michael Flynn and is a racial slur. Due to the appellants unrepresented nature, they didn’t know how to respond. Michael Flynn also tried to put words in their mouth.
  • The appellant spoke in regards to a golliwog matter where staff members at the former employer were carrying golliwogs and the management of the hospital took no action against the perpetrators. HHJ Simon Oliver said to this remark with his hand once again on the microphone ‘Golliwogs are not a racist, it was at once inappropriate’. Michael Flynn had a stern look on his face and nodded yes.
  • During JRs cross examination, HHJ Simon Oliver said to JR ‘Would you like his name on the internet if BJ upholds this case?’. JR responds by saying ‘Well, most hospitals are aware of him and to stay away from him’. HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘That’s good’. This was incredibly concerning as this was an actual request by the judge to one of the witnesses. We do not believe hands were on any microphones at this time so it may have been recorded although HHJ Simon Oliver kept his distance from the microphone quite a bit.
  • Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver puts their hands over the microphone about 3 times whilst they whispered to one another without any other party involved what they were discussing. 

On day 3 of the oral hearing:

  • During the cross examination of GB, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver carried on their hand gestures. Michael Flynn may have carried out 50-60 hand gestures, 20 pen throws on his desk, 30 facial expressions and moving his head away and 2 whispers with Simon Oliver. Michael Flynns hands were once again on the microphone several times that we could not count the amount of times he did it. The same with HHJ Simon Oliver where he nodded his head around 5 times and waved his hand about 20 times.
  • When the appellant questioned GB about JRs statement ‘well, JR said in her statement that……..?’. The appellant was immediately interrupted by Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver saying ‘ no, no, no ,no ,no’ and tapping and banging their hands on the table. Michael Flynn once again nodding several times. HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘That’s now 5 times you have misquoted’. In fact, the appellant did not misquote, it was an actual statement in JRs statement. The hand gestures were far greater on this day and nothing the appellant was saying was being heard.
  • A witness called GB was very honest and said that the appellant has to give the judge a gift if they want a favoured judgement. To this remark, HHJ Simon Oliver put his hand on the microphones and told GB ‘No, no, no!’ and ‘shhhh’ to prevent the appellant finding out what happened earlier on.
  • Michael Flynn started an allegation about the appellant not being qualified and that the appellant lied to an agency they were working with. The appellant stated that a clinical specialist does not have to be qualified and they can practice with an equivalent and they did not lie to any agency or anyone for that matter. Michael Flynn stated ‘Your not qualified’ about 15 times and ‘Yes, you did lie’ about 10 times. This was based on no evidence. The appellant said ‘well, the agency are specialists and they never said that’. Michael Flynn states ‘What, they are more specialist then me!’. The appellant said ‘I don’t know what your knowledge of the field is’. Michael Flynn states ‘Well, that should tell you then’ very rudely whilst still doing hand gestures and putting his hand over microphones. Michael Flynn then asks BJ and the TSOL to ask The Trust ‘Whether the appellant needs to be qualified’. If Michael Flynn was a specialist, he should have no problem answering this question himself rather than asking The Trust. Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver said to the appellant ‘Don’t worry, this isn’t going to form part of the judgement, we just want to know for ourselves, its all OK, don’t worry about it’. HHJ Simon Oliver said ‘Yes, don’t worry, its OK’. The response from The Trust came back that the appellant does not have to be qualified to practice so therefore the appellant was correct all along although the judgement does not report this and only reports the fabricated version.
  • When the appellant was being cross examined and was in the dock, HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn said ‘Move closer to the microphone, we want to capture all the content so there are not mistakes whilst their hands were on the microphone themselves.
  • Michael Flynn did 3 hand gestures during the appellants cross examination and nearly 20 times rolling his eyes and moving his face in annoyance. HHJ Simon Oliver at this time sat back smirking and grinning behind his hand.
  • Towards the end of the days hearing, HHJ Simon Oliver asked the DBS barrister BJ using hand gestures, whilst his other hand was on the microphone once again about the box that was placed in the corner of the bench on the first day. HHJ Simon Oliver was trying to see if the appellant knew about what happened so that Mr Oliver can protect himself better. BJ said ‘So you gave Mr ‘KA’ a bribe?’ . The appellant responded and said ‘no, i did no such thing. it was a fee KA requested for an employment reference’. On that note, Mr Oliver seemed satisfied that he was protected.

On day 4 of the oral hearing:

  • This day summing up was occurring. BJ spent over 30 minutes we believe on his summing up.
  • HHJ Simon Oliver said to BJ that the appellant was a ‘deserted rat’ to which Michael Flynn nodded his head.
  • When the appellant was summing up their case, Michael Flynn was waving his hand again about 20-30 times as though he is not interested, HHJ Simon Oliver did it 3 times.
  • Michael Flynn shouted out at the appellant during summing up ‘What, you want to work in a hospital?’. The appellant said ‘Yes, i do and i didn’t harm any child or vulnerable adult’. To this response, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver responded ‘Well, that’s what we will consider’. Facial expressions and head movements were occurring during this comment.
  • The appellant put forward a case that their human rights have been breached and the procedure to bar was breached which is correct. Michael Flynn waved his hand at this remark. The appellant further mentioned the golliwog and HHJ Simon Oliver says ‘I already mentioned it yesterday, its not racist, it was made in to a big thing at one time’. This comment was made in a much lower voice away from his microphone.
  • Eventually 10 minutes in to the summing up, Michael Flynn and Simon Oliver once again were putting their hands over the microphones and whispering to one another. This occurred 3 times. Eventually HHJ Simon Oliver put his hand up in gesture of STOP! And thats enough of the appellants summing up when they had another 20 minutes of material to put forward which put forward errors of law and facts.
  • The last issue we remembered when the appellant was asking HHJ Simon Oliver how long will it be before they receive the judgement. He said with a smirk on his face that he will be going on holiday for 3 weeks and so the appellant will not receive the judgement under the end of July 2014. He also stated that he will be on a beach somewhere on a last minute holiday. To this remark, Michael Flynn, Janice Funnell, BJ and others in the back of the courtroom could be heard smirking and laughing. We believe this was HHJ Simon Oliver indirectly implying the contents of the box he retrieved on the first/second of the hearing contained monetary/holiday value and that he will be spending it on a luxury holiday on a beach.
  • The final moment was when the judiciary were leaving, Michael Flynn and HHJ Simon Oliver with grins of their faces stood up and continued waving their hand at the appellant as though they are not interested for nearly 20 seconds before retiring.

Throughout the hearing, it was only Janice Funnell who acted professionally and listened to both sides but we believe she was looking towards HHJ Simon Oliver to understand what he was doing throughout. We think Janice Funnell has an approach that ’Its a mans world’ rather then act on anything she will observe is wrong. Although our complaint does not relate to her as we had confidence she behaved herself professionally throughout the majority of the hearing.

After observing the judgement, it was clear it was filled with lies, falsehood and deceit and clearly the appellant wasn’t heard. In fact, it would be sensible to say the appellant should not have turned up at the hearing. No safeguarding concerns were identified and no evidence supported the false allegations made against the appellant by the judiciary. The conduct of the judiciary shows they are/were severely biased as even a mere act of impropriety should not exist when handling cases when clearly with the substantial incidents addressed above shows this matter has gone beyond a mere act or a single incident. 

In 2015, the appellant asked the tribunal to reconsider the case under ‘errors of law’. The appellant received a somewhat concerning letter and response from HHJ Simon Oliver basically stating he will in future consider issuing a civil restraint order that the appellant does not agree with his judgement when the appeal was on errors of law. Once again, HHJ Simon Oliver did not respond to the grounds of appeal under errors of law but rather ignored it just like he ignored it at the hearing and at the review of the decision. HHJ Simon Oliver was using his professional powers for personal gain by trying to push the appellant around once again. 

We were also somewhat surprised that HHJ Simon Oliver and other members of the courtroom and judiciary were making a mockery of the court system and communicating with hand gestures the majority of the time and placing hands on microphones throughout the hearing too.

Furthermore, the judiciary, mainly HHJ Simon Oliver and Michael Flynn should be suspended from their duties pending disciplinary action against them and also criminal charges placed upon them for:

  • Perverting the course of justice

  • Bribery under The Bribery Act 2010

  • Misconduct in a public office

  • Money laundering

  • Fraud

  • Misuse of public funds

  • Accessory to corrupting public morals

  • Dishonesty

  • Fraud by abuse of position

Additional charges related to other cases:

  • Sexual harassment

  • Soliciting for sex

  • Sexual assault

Consideration needs to also be given towards whether Kevin Brooks whom is the Government legal departments solicitor should also be prosecuted under the bribery act and for perverting the course of justice for giving and relaying a ‘gift’ to HHJ Simon Oliver from the CEO of the DBS Adele Downey and The Trust.

Complaint made to the Upper Tribunal President – Justice William Charles.

A complaint was made to Justice William Charles of the Upper Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Chamber about the issues raised. Initially Justice William Charles ignored all correspondence but after persistence from the appellant for over a year, he responded. He accepted the complaint and investigated it. After 6 weeks of investigating, the conclusion of Justice William Charles was:

  • The appellant was lying but does not support it with evidence. He claims the allegation in ‘incredible’
  • He refuses to investigate the matter of the gift box exchanging hands claiming the allegations are ‘Incredible’ and does not require further investigation.
  • He also claims in his letter that the recordings ‘cannot be retrieved’ on the ‘Dart Server’ and he has not got access to it. No reasons or investigation has been carried out or provided to decide where the recordings have gone. We believe it has been deliberately deleted to cover up the bribe in question and the behaviour complained of.
  • The president of the Upper Tribunal claims the appellants ‘makes matters up’. No evidence is provided to support the claim.

In 2016, the matter progressed to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO) on the procedure of the initial complaint. The outcome was that Justice William Charles has every right not to investigate the complaint as that is his right. A separate police investigation is also underway by the Metropolitan police.

Judicial complaints process:

Judicial Conduct investigations Office (JCIO):

In 2016 and 2017, a complaint was made using the judicial complaints system. As Justice William Charles covered the matter up, the matter was progressed to the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office who stated that the Tribunal presidents decision or cover up should be progressed to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO). 

Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman (JACO):

The response from JACO was that Justice William Charles is entitled not to investigate the allegations of Judge Simon Oliver taking bribes. As this cover up now goes to senior levels, we the public must now fight.

Police Investigation:

As of June 2016, HHJ Simon Oliver, Michael Flynn, Justice William Charles and the Government legal departments Solicitor Kevin Brooks are being investigated by London police.

This web page has been created to warn the members of the public and the taxpayer that if you have HHJ Simon Oliver as a Judge, beware, HE TAKES BRIBES. What is even more concerning is his main speciality is the family division of Reading County Court and Safeguarding and he has the potential to damage and destroy other peoples families and lives because he wants bribes and gifts all the time. There is a reason why he places his hands on microphones all the time during the court hearings, it’s because he knows he is doing something wrong that he does not want recorded. The reason he does it is because his superiors are also doing it and encouraging him to do it as well. 

Personal life and the use of male prostitutes

Judge Simon claims he practices religion in his private life and seems to know a little about the religions practices although this is also a fraud considering he takes bribes in his professional life. He is lying to God and to everyone else around him about his faith as he does not practice what he preaches.

In 2016, his wife Elizabeth kicked him out of their family home because it came to light he was using male prostitutes and he was also involved in a gay relationship with another man. Although there is nothing wrong in being gay, it gives credence to the fact that Judge Simon Oliver is so dishonest in his personal life that he would lead his wife on for lengthy periods of time under falsehood and deceit. He lied to his wife, he cheated on her and he hid his sexuality from her too. We can only wonder what she went through. She should be commended for kicking him out of the family home. She should now expose him for the bribes he took throughout his judicial and legal career. Judge Simon Oliver also has two sons. One is Ben Oliver who works for FSP Law in Reading and the other is Edward Oliver who also works as a lawyer as well. Ben Oliver and Simon Oliver have both previously worked together on the same case where Ben is the lawyer representing his client and Simon as the judge. This is without disclosing the relationship to anyone else in the court room. This is another instance of fraud which has resulted innocent people going to prison. It is unknown how many cases have been heard under this guise.

Using rent boys and young adults to satisfy his sexual desires: Judge Simon Oliver is seen out on a date with a young barrister in return for fast track promotions and ‘big case’ wins. Meanwhile his delusional wife sits at home ignoring it.

Allegations of Nipple Tweaking

Judge Simon Oliver has been reported several times of ‘Nipple tweaking’ in the court room. Several unrepresented litigants have observed this and complained about it but to no avail. Judge Oliver is known to use the technique of Nipple tweaking to divert attention from the litigation and refocus elsewhere in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. He continues to use this system until the present day because his employer, the Ministry of Justice encourages him to do this.

HHJ Simon Olivers Home

HHJ Simon Oliver lives a lavish lifestyle in a 5 bedroom house located in the suburbs of Wokingham, Berkshire which is valued at £700,000, far more excessive then his annual salary of £127,000. This is from the proceeds of his criminal activities. His son Benjamin states he has never seen any of his fathers money but he strangely forgets the big house that is fully paid for from bribe money and extortion.

The address is:

Glenwood, 20 Lowther Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 1JD.

The house that was built by perverting the course of justice – Judge Simon Olivers residence which has been built by criminal proceeds of bribes and money laundering which he has been involved in for several decades. Thames Valley Police have installed a special alarm in his house so they can look after their special friend.

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) fraud investigations initiate if Judge Simon Oliver is challenged by litigants

Many people have reported that when they have challenged judge Simon Oliver on his decision-making skills, conduct, behaviour, or even take their case to social media, are subjected to department of work and pensions (DWP) fraud investigations. This is usually based on false allegations made by judge Simon Oliver in an attempt to sabotage the litigants financial means. Simon Oliver has direct connections in the department of work and pensions and can initiate fraud investigations within four weeks. Unfortunately, fabricated fraud Investigations by another government department is not the duty of the DWP and should certainly not be financed by the taxpayer. The vast majority of litigants who challenged Simon Oliver are cleared of any wrongdoing. In fact, the only person that really does any fraud is actually Simon Oliver himself by using his ‘gifts’ and money laundering tactics using the court process. Several other litigants involved in family cases have had their housing benefit revoked and are evicted from their homes just so that Simon Oliver does not have to rule it in their favour. The excuse that he uses is that they do not have appropriate accommodation to accommodate a child when it was Simon Oliver who organised it in the first place. It’s obvious by reading the comments on this site that the only one that is involved in fraud and money laundering is actually Simon Oliver. He is also protected by government legal department, the Ministry of Justice and Thames Valley Police. The Berkshire Freemasons are not that far off either. They have protected him for decades knowing full well of his criminal activities. None of these departments and bodies have ever bothered even investigating him.

Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police (TVP) have also been implicated in criminal activities involving judge Simon Oliver. In fact, they have a very good relationship with each other and he regularly attends functions and Christmas parties at Reading police station. TVP are fully aware of Simon Oliver’s activities involving child abductions, bribe taking, freemasonry and other criminal activities. Several people have reported that Simon Oliver uses Thames Valley Police to attend other people’s properties to assault them and steal their possessions. They also enforce fraudulent court orders which have been faked using an unknown judge to steal positions or obtain material that Simon Oliver can use for blackmail purposes. Children have also been abducted in a similar manner. Simon Oliver has direct connections with senior members of TVP who are also allegedly Freemasons. When complaints are made to TVP about this inappropriate relationship between them and Simon Oliver, they refuse to acknowledge or respond to such requests. Other police forces use similar tactics to avoid discussing the matter either. Because of this very good relationship that Simon Oliver has with the police, he is never subjected to any criminal investigation but he is certainly protected by them because they have installed an alarm in his home with direct response by all police in the TVP catchment area. This was upgraded by the Ministry of Justice. The purpose of this alarm is so that judge Simon Oliver can continue doing his criminal activities and being protected at the same time (by using tax payer money to do so)

Berkshire Freemasons

Judge Simon Oliver is a senior member in the cult organisation called The Berkshire Freemasons. He uses this Freemasonry connection to pervert the course of justice and carry out more criminal activity. Many judges, lawyers, police inspectors and other senior figures in government use this Freemasonry connection to prevent the wider public receiving justice. Something which the tax payer already pays for. Judge Simon Oliver uses his Freemasonry connection, not only in Berkshire but also in Didcot and London. He claims its only ‘for fun’ but there is nothing fun about the horrific ordeals others in the public have to go through because of him. Since his wife kicked him out, he uses Sindlesham courts address for correspondence. But please note, he does not live here, this is where he gets his mail. It is part of the masonic lodge which he is a member of. This masonic lodge is the headquarters of the Berkshire Freemasons which is a secret cult society.

The address of the Berkshire Freemasons is:

Sindlesham Court, Mole Road, Sindlesham, Wokingham, Berkshire, England, RG41 5EA.

The Fraud and Money Laundering Empire explained: This premises is paid for by the taxpayers and the bribes and gifts he has received during the course of his career by lying, misrepresenting, colluding, cheating, stealing and fraud against innocent members of the public. It seems like lying, cheating and taking bribes has paid off for Simon Oliver.
The Worshipful Brother Judge Simon Oliver: In his Freemasonry attire glorifying his association with the cult organisation. He uses this association to commit more crimes in court but being protected by fellow Freemasons who encourage him to do this. He is protected by his senior Freemasons in his lodge because they also need his assistance to launder money. The crimes he commits is taking bribes, legal child abductions and committing fraud on a mass scale.

2017 and 2018

In 2017, his wife allowed him to come back home.

Benjamin Oliver (Judge Simon Olivers son)

Benjamin Oliver is the son of judge Simon Oliver. He currently works as a partner in Field, Seymour, Parkes (FSP) law based in Reading. He specialises in creating wills, inheritance, control of trusts and lasting power of attorneys. Ben Oliver uses his position to launder his father’s criminal money using his speciality in probate law. Ben has also come before his father in court where Simon Oliver was the judge and his son Ben was the lawyer representing one of the parties. This was without disclosing to anyone their relationship so they could maximise the amount of money that they can make. Many people who challenge Simon Oliver’s behavior and his fabricated judgements usually are attacked by FSP law. Ben Oliver targets the litigant in order to destroy them. He liaises with Thames Valley Police to do this as well. Ben has also advised his clients that they have to give 5-figure sums to his firm so that they can pass it on to Simon Oliver and guarantee a favourable judgement. None of these allegations have been defended by Simon Oliver or Ben Oliver. Ben Oliver has also worked as a crown prosecutor to prosecute parents in family law cases in Westminster magistrates court. This was most likely because his father Simon asked him to do it.

Ben Oliver attended Warwickshire university and gained a first class honours degree in economics. He graduated in 2009. He then attended the Guildford college of law to complete further qualifications in law and eventually gaining an LLM in 2011. He has since worked at FSP law from 2011 until the present day eventually becoming a partner. The reason Ben Oliver did a degree in economics first was because his grades were not good enough to do a law degree as a direct entry from college. He eventually overcame this after he received his economics degree. Since then he has been committing heinous acts of criminal activity as a solicitor whilst being covered up by his father Simon Oliver and and their association with Thames Valley Police which prevents them from being prosecuted.

Ben Oliver – Simon Oliver’s son Ben Oliver also known as FSP laws one and only ‘deputy child abductor’. Ben works alongside his father Simon also committing vile acts of crimes where he uses his economics degree to advise clients how to bribe judges and launder money.

Ben Oliver is married to a woman called Kathleen Norton and they both have two children. They live in Basingstoke in a million pound mansion. This has been bought by all the criminal money the father and son team have made from bribes and other criminal activities at the expense of the taxpayer and the public.

Ben Oliver and his wife Kathleen Norton – Simon and Ben Oliver protect their own children (and grandchildren) whilst targeting and abusing other peoples children (and laundering money at the same time). Ben Oliver is a disgrace just like his father. These two products of the Oliver household are now reproducing to continue the crimes they inflict on society upon generation after generation.

Edward Oliver (Judge Simon Olivers son)

Edward Oliver is Simon Oliver’s second son. He also works in the legal industry. He’s not a current practising solicitor or barrister and tries to keep away from his father’s bad reputation. He is also married but has no children.

Edward Oliver and his wife standing in Simon Olivers back garden – Edward is the second son of Simon Oliver but he is too embarrassed of his fathers behaviour that he chooses to keep a low profile. We are sure he’s also laundering money and bringing harm to society one way or another, it just happens, he’s a closed case.

The Worshipful Company of the Horners

Judge Simon Oliver is also affiliated with the livery organisation called The Worshipful Company of the Horners. This organisation also has judges, lawyers and police officers, all working in a cult committing more fraud and crimes against the public. Mr Oliver was inducted into this organisation in 2018. He currently is still an active member and continues to bring shame upon them.  

Bringing shame and embarrassment on the Horners: Judge Simon Oliver being inducted in to a livery group in an attempt to launder money and collude with other professionals in industry.

The address of the Horners is:

The Hall, The Painters Hall, 9 Little Trinity Lane, London, EC4V 2AD.

Allegations of manipulating appeals in higher courts

Judge Simon Oliver has been caught manipulating and attempting to manipulate appeals in the higher courts to pervert justice. Lies that Simon Oliver wrote in his original judgement are then made worse if it is appealed. A search of Reading court uncovered evidence of this heinous crime to which Mr Oliver to this date has not responded to.

Attempting to pervert the course of justice: Judge Simon Oliver giving specific instructions to the Court of Appeal to dismiss the appeals made against his order by a vulnerable adult. This denies justice to litigants and promotes and encourages criminal activity using the court process.

Practicing under false qualifications

Judge Simon Oliver has on numerous occasions been practicing under false qualifications. It has been gathered from reliable sources that Mr Oliver, prior to 2012 did not hold a Court of Protection license but was still hearing those cases which resulted in individuals being illegally asset seized. In other judgements, Mr Oliver claimed he was the ‘President of the Queens Bench Division’ of the High Court, a designated title he does not have authority to use, let alone have. 

A liar and a cheater exposed practicing under false qualifications: Judge Simon Oliver IS NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE QUEENS BENCH DIVISION and neither he ever was. He is once against caught lying but not to his own detriment but that of his victims.

Jordan Publishing

In late 2017 and early 2018, HHJ Simon Oliver was working with Jordan Publishing to write his own book on special needs and the law. He published his book in November 2017 in Foyles bookstore in London. An image is shown below of this. The book is filled with lies and completely against reality. He had a deal with Jordan Publishing as one of his ‘Gifts’ from a solicitor who HHJ Simon Oliver works with in Reading. It is somewhat very concerning he is writing books now talking about special needs when in fact he is responsible for creating most of the special needs in children by behaving the way he does (taking bribes). Furthermore, he treats vulnerable people and people with special needs like rubbish and he mentions no where in his book about the bribes he takes and the requests for bribes (In the form of ‘gifts’ and ‘loans’).

Publishing lies in a book with the assistance of Jordan Publishing: HHJ Simon Oliver giving a speech at Foyles book store in London talking about his new book on special needs. A deal he most probably received through collusion and bribery in the first place. Unfortunately his book does not appear to be that popular as only 3 people turned up. 

Chairing conferences on special education needs

In June 2019, Mr Oliver was chairing a conference on special education needs in London claiming to be an expert in the field (when we know he isn’t). He sat there pretending to be interested when in fact in reality he treats people with special needs like dirt. The comments on this website and several other websites is evidence of it. This whole program was fabricated for the purposes of having confidence in him. Obviously no one at the conference was aware of Mr Olivers past or even if they were, they chose to ignore it.  Strangely so, he chose not to tweak his nipples at this event! Its probably because there were too many people there watching and it would not be appropriate to have so many witnesses to his crimes.

The DEPRIVER of liberty safeguards – Judge Simon Oliver chairing a conference on special education needs and trying to look professional in the process. In reality, Mr Oliver practices under false qualifications. Obviously no one had the audacity to stand up and ask him questions about his disgusting past which includes taking bribes, rapes and murders.

High Court proceedings in 2019 and 2020

Judge Simon Oliver initiated legal proceeding in the High Court in London against a former medical practitioner accusing them of being the publisher of this site. These were lies. He accused and gave sanctions against someone that was ‘suited’ for his lies. The individual concerned has commented on this site to clear their own name and accused Judge Simon Oliver of inventing the allegation and colluding with the High Court to get it falsely substantiated and then using the media to create fake articles stating that he was subjected to an attempted ‘Anthrax attack’. No evidence is supplied of these lies. These proceedings were financed by the Ministry of Justice and their Director Sir Richard Heaton (someone whose already being accused several times on the internet of being a paedophile). Mr Oliver did not state the allegations made on this site are false but just that he felt ‘Harassed’. We will let you use your own imagination to decide how pitiful of a response that is.

Government Legal Department attack Judges Behaving Badly to protect Freemason Simon Oliver

In 2020, web hosters in America were contacted by the Government Legal Department requesting this blog be taken offline. This attempt was based of fictional claims and did not work. America refused the request because America is a more reliable and superior country. The allegations relied upon were once again complete and utter lies and the level of dishonesty is unbelievable. The Government Legal Department stated that America is going to be held in contempt in a UK court. Obviously, America was not afraid and told the Government Legal Department where to go. So Freemason Judge Simon Oliver is once again back to the drawing board thinking of what to do next. The Government Legal Departments letter is published below.

Bullying and harassing web hosters in America: Judge Simon Oliver has been laughingly styled as ‘His Honour’ attempting to get this site down using fake court orders and tax payers money to attempt to cover up his crimes. It is a pitiful attempt which failed. 

False allegations of anthrax attacks

In December 2019, Judge Simon Oliver falsely accused a medical practitioner of plotting an anthrax attack against him and then distributed these allegations in the media. These allegations were completely and utterly fabricated and the only reason they were made was to racially harass an individual purely because they were Muslim and from a certain cultural background and libelling them in the process. No evidence has ever been produced supporting these allegations. The articles that have been published is a clear indication that Simon Oliver has no boundaries when he wants to instigate a hate crime against civilians and is prepared to use negative stereotypes against a specific religion to bolster his position as a victim. The claims that Mr Oliver was subjected to an attempt of an anthrax attack was never reported to the police and has never been reported to any anti-terrorist organisation. Mr Oliver and his legal team have only published this in the media to the detriment of all Muslims and continues to refuse to log this as a police report. The individual that Mr Oliver had been targeting has previously being falsely accused by Mr Oliver of being a paedophile and once again distributed in the media.

A ‘Victim’ of an ‘attempted’ anthrax attack: Judge Simon Oliver took to the media to label himself as a victim of a terrorist act. The allegation was invented by the Ministry of Justice to ruin a medical doctors reputation so they could protect Mr Oliver, his lodge and his rings.

Allegations of racism

Mr Oliver has previously himself been accused of making racial comments in the courtroom. These comments range from referring to African Caribbeans as ‘horse nostril’ and referring to Asians as ‘you should only be working in a corner shop’. He has been shown to have a strong history of making negative judgements against people of ethnicity, predominately of the black and minority backgrounds.

Pre-written judgements

Judge Simon Oliver and his network are regularly known to writing pre-written judgements. These are judgements and orders that have been written in advance of a hearing or any evidence being presented. This is perverting the course of justice as well as misconduct in a public office. Recent examples include a judgement given in the High court in December 2019 was pre-written by Simon Oliver for his own benefit. The evidence relied upon for this assertion is because Mr Olivers legal team published the judgement 12 days prior (29th November 2019) to the High court handing down this judgement on their own website with Matrix chambers. The metadata of this document has also been removed. The official hand down by the High court was the 10th of December 2019. No defence to this allegation has been made by Matrix chambers or Simon Oliver. The corruption is overwhelming and when Judge Simon Oliver is accused of corruption and bribery, he then commits more corruption and bribery to defend himself which involves casually forging documents and writing judgements beforehand to harm the original victims.

Evidence of a pre-written judgement: Judge Simon Oliver and Matrix chambers uploaded a copy of the approved judgement 12 days before it was handed down by the High Court on to the Matrix chambers website. The conclusion is that this was a kangaroo court. Something Mr Oliver has already been accused of thousands of times.

Black Lives Matter: African-Carribbean organised child abductions

In December 2019 and January 2020, several media publications in Ghana and Nigeria appeared accusing Judge Simon Oliver of rituals and organised child abductions from individuals mainly from the African community. Several parents who had their children taken away by Mr Oliver were banned from contacting their children whilst his connections ‘Lose’ children in the system. If the parents do try to contact their children, Judge Oliver imprisons them and then after their sentence deports them back to their African countries whilst their children are still in care. Its a technique Mr Oliver uses to prevent contact between children and parents whilst paedophile rings take over. Examples of this include the Musa and the Adajo family who have since been deported.

Black lives do matter: Judge Simon Oliver making headlines in West Africa where accusations of racially motivated negative judgements are being made against the African community. This is similar to allegations of terrorist activities falsely made by Mr Oliver against Muslims.

Several allegations have also been made again Mr Oliver. These consist of:

  • Making false claims in the media of being the victim of an anthrax attack by a Muslim NHS worker

  • Referring to African Carribbean litigants as ‘Horse nostril’

  • Regularly using racist language and stereotypes against black and ethnic minorities

  • Using rent boys for sexual gratification

  • Working with false qualifications as a Court of Protection judge when he does not hold a nominated license

  • Withholding medical certificates in cases involving extremely vulnerable adults

  • Refusing to comply with human rights legislation. More specifically but not limited to article 6, 8 and 10

  • Going into the back with social workers and other litigants with evidence and coming back out laughing and joking

  • Using limited companies to claim state funds to look after children he has put into care

  • Working with social services to carry out kangaroo courts where members of the public are at a disadvantage and having their children ‘stolen’

  • Working with the government department the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to dismiss appeals and accuse innocent health professionals and teachers of being paedophiles whilst boxes are passed to him in court called ‘gifts’

  • Laundering tax payers moneys into offshore bank accounts under different names

  • Requesting from an appellant he requires a Porsche 911 car in return for a favourable judgement

  • Requesting from appellants he requires between £6000-£20,000+ in return for favourable judgements

  • Fabricating judicial judgements and orders in return for obtaining state funds for foster care 

  • Working with CID from Thames Valley Police to execute fabricated search and arrest warrants in return for stealing drugs and money from homes of known criminals and then using the seized items to sell to rival criminals for a fee

  • Being invited to Social services and Thames Valley Police Christmas parties and regularly playing golf with them

  • Refusing to comply with release orders from higher courts and under Human rights legislation’s

  • Using the judicial complaints system for racketeering purposes

  • Mr Oliver has also been allegedly involved in gang rapes of teenagers in care

  • Allegations of murder with the assistance and support of rogue officers from Thames Valley Police 

  • Requesting his court clerk Freddy Cutts to contact appellants and opponents legal teams (solicitors and barristers offices) in current court cases to ask for ‘loans’ and ‘gifts’ (bribes)

  • Mr Oliver has also been involved in contacting legal firms and requesting they desist from representing their clients in return for future favoured judgements and ‘big case wins’ to prevent his money laundering and fraud operations from being detected

If you have concerns about this judge or any other judge, please comment on the section provided below. Judges taking bribes are very common in the judicial system in the UK. Its called ‘The Gift System’. Its only when they get caught is when you see how the complaints process works which is a fraud itself. Judges even took bribes in the form of gift boxes in the Stephen Lawrence case but no one was held to account.

If you have any issues or problems in regards to the conduct of this judge, we advise you contact the police, obtain a crime report or crime reference number and leave it in the comments below so police complaints against this man can be recorded internationally. It is unlikely the police will record your complaint as the police refuse to act on criminals like this because its not good for their own business so if that is the case, just add your allegations in the comments below instead.

Lets take one small step for the taxpayer and the hard-working member of the public and one giant leap to exposing HHJ Simon Oliver as a corrupt judge who is guilty of dishonesty. bribery and criminal activity.

If you have any concerns and would like to send information or documents confidentially, please contact us on

We do not answer all E-Mails but we do read everything.

Thank you for reading

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